Flight Sim Workshop
Saturday, March 3rd
9:00AM — 2:00PM
Banyan Pilot Shop

The Workshop Will Cover:

  • Properly loading and configuring the X-PLANE software
  • Setting graphics and scenery
  • Mapping controls (yoke, pedals and button controls)
  • Loading aircraft and environment
  • Setting different views and using multiple monitors
  • Loading a custom checklist
  • Using X-PLANE for real world concepts and procedures
  • A brief overview of X-PLANE's advanced capabilities

Richard Haughton is an FAA Advanced Ground Instructor as well as an Aerospace Education Officer. He has been associated with the Cival Air Patrol for over 30 years (United States Air Force Auxiliary). Mr. Haughton also holds a Degree in Aeronautics and has been a flight simulation enthusiast for over 25 years.

Banyan Pilot Shop Address/Directions
5320 NW 20th Terrace
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309