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"I just purchased my third aviation GPS from you - each time trading in my older unit for the new one. I can't say enough about how great the service and savings have been. Thank you!"
Doug, Scottsdale, AZ

Portable Aviation GPS


Garmin aera
The aera is Garmin's latest series of GPS portables. Features include touch-screen and two different unit sizes.

The Garmin GPSMAP series of portable aviation GPS is their most well known and longest running series of handhelds.

Used GPS Units
Backed by a 45 day warranty and a 10 point inspection, our used Garmin units are in excellent condition and a reliable option.

ADS-B Receivers
Receive ADS-B services like weather and traffic on your tablet and portable aviation GPS devices.

GPS Receivers
Portable GPS Receivers for your tablet, laptop and smartphone devices.

By Unit
Select your model GPS to view only accessories specific to your unit.

By Type
Select the accessory category to view all accessories of its type.

If you own a discontinued GPS, we may have an accessory for it - clearance priced!

About Portable Aviation GPS
GPS technology is integral to modern "all glass" cockpits, which are factory installed or installed by licensed aftermarket providers and may add $20,000 or more to the price of an aircraft. There is a much less costly but effective way for private pilots to benefit from GPS; purpose-made portable aviation units. Intuitive, moving-map views with navigation overlays provide a great supplement to a plane's instrumentation.

Airplane GPS features include:

  • Map page
  • Terrain page
  • Route page
  • Position data page
  • "Direct-to" navigation
  • Airport criteria and directory information
  • Taxi diagrams
  • Nearest airport, city, flight service
  • Airspace status
  • Create flight plan
  • Alerts