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"I had no idea there were so many bags to choose from when looking to purchase a gift for my son. Thanks to Banyan Pilot Shop's staff for helping me select the perfect one!"
Roger, Alexandria, KY

Flight Bags, Cases and Luggage

Choosing Your Flight Bag or Flight Case
Many pilots rely heavily on their flight bag or flight case to carry charts, electronic equipment, and other vital tools from one cockpit to another. The classic flight case is a simple, iconic design: a sturdy rectangular black case, usually leather but sometimes nylon. Inside, a generous space with dividers to keep your approach plate binders, charts, and other publications separate. Pouches inside and out to segregate electronics, pens and highlighters, and other small items for quick and easy access. The pilot flight cases we sell have been tested and proven sturdy enough to hold up to dozens of around-the-world flights. Generally, a flight case is for use by the entire cockpit, not just the pilot.

Unlike a flight case, a flight bag isn't for sharing. Each member of the crew usually brings his or her own flight bag. Most flight bags make use of multiple compartments and have dedicated pouches for a headset, a radio, loops for pens and markers, and so on. The interior is typically provided with adjustable dividers to help organize publications and papers. Flight bags are big enough to carry all critical equipment with room let over for some snacks, overnight necessities and a change of clothes.

Whereas flight cases are intended specifically for pilots, flight bags are more flexible. Crew as well as passengers can make good use of a flight bag. However, passengers may not make best use of the dedicated compartments in the flight bag.