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Bendix King AV80R Ace | Free Shipping

Bendix King AV80R Ace | Free Shipping

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Bendix King AV80R Ace | Free Shipping

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A true paperless, full electronic flight bag. Its smaller, lightweight design includes airborne navigation, all FAA charts, airport diagrams, weather, traffic, automotive and multimedia capabilities. With its geo-reference charts and larger, easy-to-use touchscreen, you can clearly see your position as you stay on course.


  • Bright, sunlight readable 7" touchscreen display
  • Touch-and-See map information
  • Touch-and-Drag map panning
  • Smart-Profile altitude display
  • Real-time satellite weather (optional)
  • In-flight traffic display (optional)
  • FAA IFR Enroute Charts, Approach Plates and Airport Diagrams with Own-ship position
  • FAA SID/STAR Charts
  • Built-in automotive database (optional)
  • Multimedia player (music, movies & more)
  • Bluetooth cell phone/GPS interface
  • PDF Viewer

Customer Reviews

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Rating: 4 of 5

"great unit"
1/31/2014 by Ken in Michigan

Just furloughed an IFLY700 which was outdated when they sold it to me 4 months ago - then 30 days after I bought it they offered me half what I paid for a 720 model. I got p....d and sold it, went for the AV80R Ace - FAR SUPERIOR machine for the money.

Rating: 2 of 5

"Not expected from a product marked "King""
1/15/2014 by Michael in Alabama

This product works off an abbreviated version of a Microsoft Windows based operating system. It can store movies and the AV8OR Ace manual in pdf format. The built-in acrobat reader is cumbersome and difficult to get to a section in the document quickly. But that´s not the worst part. The worst part is the mechanical quality of the box. It should be an embarrassment to the King legacy. In a nutshell, the battery falls out. In 60 years of owning electronic devices, I never experienced such poor attention to detail. On top of that, the larger battery failed to hold a charge after a couple of months. A replacement is over $100. The good part is that Seattle Avionics does not charge Jepp (read, "gyp") prices for yearly updates. I think the update service is reasonably priced.

Rating: 1 of 5

7/11/2013 by michael in Pennsylvania

very poor product,only good for paper weight. go drive not even as good as a $100.00 Garmon. After too many calls I find that it will never see the aircraft cockpit or the car.Don´t fall into the trap of owership of this

Rating: 4 of 5

"Almost paperless ACE"
8/19/2009 by David in California

I purchased the Aviator ACE at Oshkosh 2009. I used it to fly home from WI to San Jose, CA. My dream has long been having a true paperless system for the airplane. The fact that the ACE has "geo-referenced" IFR charts and aproach plates made quite an impression so I purchased the unit as well as the WXWorx blue tooth unit. The unit is pretty straight forward and I was able to do most things with it without referencing the manual. You can either set up a flight plan or use the "direct" button which brings up virtual keyboard to enter the indentifier. The unit claims that you can enter either the identifier or name of the airport or way point, but I found it lacking on a couple names I tried. Once your destination is set, simply keep the "predicted course line" (dotted line that projects from the front of your airplane on the screen) pointed along your route and you will arrive at the destination. Arriving at the destination, tap the airport icon on the screen to bring up the airport information. It has frequencies, runways and the like but, OOPS, what´s the traffic pattern? Well, here´s where the paperless claim falls apart. You have to carry something else with you to let you know the traffic pattern because the ACE will not tell you. On to the weather feature. Bue tooth is a cute idea, but I find that the connection needs to be "reset" too often. In my thinking, once you´ve established the connection, the ACE should automatically seek out the WXWorx box by itself after that. If you´re flying with XM weather on a box like the 496, then you may find, like I did, that the ACE is short on features. You have to go to a special page to display NEXRAD pictures as they wil not overlay on the topo display. ALso, you can no get the NEXRAD to animate. You´re limited to a single snapshot. THis is rather limiting if you´e trying to figure out what that storm cell is doing out there 100 miles away. One other thing, if you got XM radio with your subscrition and are used to bopping along listening to the RAP channel, forget it. The ACE has no way to tune the XM radio feature. All in all, the ACE is a nice box, but it´s still the first release and needs a few more features to win the moniker of "paperless".