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"Garmin 496"
9/23/2008 by Paulette in North Carolina

I have owned 296 so I was pleased with the improved speed and data base of my new 496. The approaches were more comprehensive. The software is user friendly. The only problem I have encountered is the plug broke that attaches to the back of the unit to provide power. I´ll need to replace that. I hope it has a warranty. Tropic Aero is great to work with!

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"Love it"
8/21/2008 by Myron in Illinois

From 196, to 296, to 496, it just keeps getting better! Basic operations remain the same so really nothing new to learn. Nexrad is awesome. Put it in the car and drove through some level 5, it was amazingly accurate.

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"The Garmin 496 is fabulous!"
8/21/2008 by Dan in Washington

I recently upgraded my Garmin 196 to a Garmin 496 and am very pleased with the result. The capabilities of the 496 are outstanding and well worth the additional cost. I particularly like the XM weather capability and the fact that TFR´s are displayed when they are active. The Garmin 496 makes cross-country flights a joy. Great product!

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"I don´t get lost on airports anymore"
8/20/2008 by Earle in Florida

I had hesitated upgrading from my 396 to the 496 untill I saw that Tropic Aero took trade ins. Then I had no excuses any more. I love the 496 which is quicker than the 396 and of course, has the airport diagrams. How can they put all this in such a small package for such a reasonable price?

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"GPSMAP 496"
8/20/2008 by Tom in Arizona

Upgraded from a 396 and glad that I did. The taxi charts and having the ability to navigate to anyplace on the ground in a vehicle are wonderful features. Also, the AOPA directory makes finding FBO phone numbers, restaurants, lodging, etc. very easy. Had a problem with it but Garmin sent a new one quickly. Good service.

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"Excellent GPS"
8/20/2008 by David in Maryland

I recently upgraded from the 396 to the 496 for the XM Weather. It was well worth it especially if you fly IFR. It is a very valuable tool to avoid weather. The weather updates from XM could be a little faster. The NEXRAD seem to take longer than 5 minutes to update at times, otherwise a very good product.

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"Great Portable GPS!"
10/8/2007 by Chris in Florida

I recently upgraded to the Garmin 496 from the 296 and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. The additional features of the weather and taxiway positioning made it WELL worth the investment, especially considering the instability of Florida weather (the auto kit was a bonus for me). Throw in the fact that I was able to trade-in my Garmin 296 towards my purchase and it made it a no-brainer.