August 1st, 2015

RE: Closing Banyan's online store ( and growing The Banyan Pilot Shop

Dear Fellow Aviators, Seasoned Pilots, Student Pilots, Aircraft Technicians, Aviation Enthusiasts and many Friends:

Our team at Banyan Air Service is thrilled to have so many loyal customers. Our mission statement is, "To be recognized by our customers, our teammates and our vendors as the premier FBO of choice." The amazing reviews and support of customers like you have ranked us as the number 1 FBO in the Southeast US, and the 7th Independent FBO nationally. Thank you! - our team takes great pride in those achievements.

Banyan has always focused on a spirit of personal touch and going the extra mile for our customers. This year is another record year for Banyan. We've already added 30 new teammates since January and are looking to fill many additional roles to support the growth. Our focus has been to serve the general aviation community by providing one of the most complete and comprehensive aviation complexes in the country. The Banyan Complex consists of one million square feet of hangar and office space, our award winning FBO, Turbine Aircraft Maintenance, comprehensive Avionics, Parts Sales, Aircraft Sales, our world-famous Pilot Shop, and the outstanding Jet Runway Café. The complex also includes 4 charter companies, an air ambulance service provider, helicopter maintenance, piston aircraft sales and service, and 5 part 141 flight schools and much more. Located at one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country and a port of entry, we are a gateway to North America, Bahamas, Latin America, the Caribbean and of course, South Florida.

Some time ago, we decided to purchase a catalog business selling pilot supplies that complemented our Pilot Shop. Over time, technology changed and that catalog business evolved into an online store. While we are always open to try new and exciting things, we are wise enough to constantly evaluate what fits with our culture, what is working and what is not. With that in mind, our teammates have determined that at this time in our growth, Banyan is not an online retailer. Known as a destination FBO, Banyan has an amazing retail Pilot Shop that offers a unique shopping experience, and to the best of our knowledge is the largest in the world. Customers often call our store the "Disney World for Pilots."

As we move forward, our team has decided to close our online store,, and focus on growing our physical store. Of course, we will always be here to fill your order with a simple phone call or email, and we will stand behind any product we have sold in our store or online. If you ever have a question, we are just a phone call away.

Next time you are in South Florida, please stop by and experience Banyan Pilot Shop, Jet Runway Café, our "Island-style" FBO Terminal, our aviation complex full of activity, and our team's passionate customer service.


Don Campion